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Why is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important During the Summer?

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Getting your air conditioning system ready for the summer will involve some maintenance tasks, as well as scheduling your annual air conditioner tune-up service. Call  the Salt Lake City air conditioning specialists at Rentmeister Total Home Service for all of your air conditioning maintenance or repair service needs or if you have questions about how to maintain your system.

Keep in mind that routine tune-ups and other maintenance tasks help to prevent repairs or equipment failure, as well as maintain efficiency. If you want to ensure that your air conditioner is ready for the summer, be sure that you schedule your annual maintenance visit before the cooling season begins.

Here are some further tips to get your air conditioning system ready.

Change Air Filters

Changing air filters regularly helps to ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow. When dirt or other particles get trapped in the filter, it affects the airflow, as well as indoor air quality. These are both good reasons to change air filters often. If you have pets or anyone in your home with allergies or other sensitivities, you may want to change filters more. We recommend changing them at least once a month, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Always make sure there’s a new filter in place before you turn on your air conditioning system in the spring for the first time since last season.

Clean Your AC System in the Spring

One way to help prevent problems is to clean your air conditioning system in the spring. Dirty air ducts, dusty coils, and dirt blocking airflow can put excess strain on the compressor. We offer a basic cleaning during the annual tune-up, but your system will be easier to maintain if you keep it clean throughout the summer and before you turn it on in the spring. This includes the outdoor compressor if you have a heat pump. Make sure you know how to properly clean it, or call our air conditioning maintenance technicians if you aren’t sure.

Lastly, always call the Salt Lake City air conditioning specialists at Rentmeister Total Home Service for maintenance and tune-ups services. Be sure to call us before summer gets too hot!

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Air Conditioning Tip: Common AC Problems

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

If you are having trouble with your air conditioner, call the Salt Lake City air conditioning repair technicians at Rentmeister Total Home Service any time. We offer 24-hour service and no overtime charges for equipment under warranty. There are problems that can affect your AC system by preventing it from running efficiently, which can cost you more money in the long run. Some of the more common air conditioning problems include the following:

Uneven Cooling

Airflow is very important to ensure that an air conditioning system is working effectively, and many factors affect the balancing on a room to room basis. Dirty ductwork, blocked air ducts, or a blocked outdoor unit can all cause improper airflow. If you experience hot and cold spots or uneven cooling in your home, it may be time to call for a repair service.

Refrigerant Leak on an AC System

One issue that can happen with an older air conditioner is that the refrigerant can start leaking, but it isn’t always easy to spot the warning signs. Some warning signs include wet streaks down the side of the main unit, as well as not enough cool air. Of course, there’s always a chance that these issues could be caused by something else. But it is a good idea to call a technician to come and check it out any time you notice problems with your air conditioning system.

Damper Registers

Damper registers can also affect airflow and output. Your air conditioning system can be “dampered” greatly to push more air to needed areas of your home.  As you damper down registers, this builds up pressure to even out the distribution evenly. Making sure you have the right registers is very important. Registers that force the air up will give you better room circulation and will do a better job in providing even temperature. Each register from there can be opened or closed more to balance the rest of the room. Up to 10% of registers in the cooling mode can be shut off completely.

Let the Salt Lake City air conditioning repair experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service evaluate your AC system and make sure that it’s working effectively for you.

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Air Conditioning FAQs

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Rentmeister Total Home Service offers a variety of air conditioning services in Salt Lake City, UT, including installation, replacement, maintenance tune-ups, and 24/7 AC repair services. We’ll make sure you get the air conditioning system matched for your needs and budget, and we guarantee that with our AC maintenance services, we’ll get you through the hottest months of summer.

Our Salt Lake City air conditioning technicians get a lot of general questions from homeowners about air conditioning and indoor air quality. Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions we get:


Why is my AC system not putting out like it used to?


It could be as simple as your air filter needs to be cleaned or changed. Read our section on air filters and if you are still having problems give us a call and we would be more than happy to take a look at your system.


Why is my AC system freezing up?


This could be one of many problems including blocked return air vents, closed supply air vents, dirty filters, the wrong type of filter or low levels of refrigerant. We would be more than happy to come and look at your system, so just give us a call.


How do I stop the dust from collecting around my register?


If dust is collecting at the registers, you may not have the right type of air filter for your system. Take a look at the filters we recommend to help fix this problem.


My air filter keeps popping. What does this mean?


You are more than likely to have an EAC filter if you hear popping, and this means that your filter needs cleaning. If you have cleaned your filters and there is still popping, you may have damaged ionizer wires.


How can I get cleaner air without needing a more expensive filter?


We recommend turning your AC fan on. This will circulate the air through your filter and clean your air 24 hours a day. Rocky Mountain Power states that this solution will cost around $4.00 – $5.00 more a month in electrical costs but will help prevent the motor from breaking down.

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Common Air Conditioning Problems to Watch Out For

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Your air conditioning system is a huge part of your home’s comfort and if it isn’t working well it could mean that your whole home is uncomfortable. The Salt Lake City air conditioning experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service can help you with repair services that you need. We know that homeowners don’t have time to go out and inspect their AC system so we thought that we would ptu together a few common things that you can watch for.

Salt Lake City Air Conditioning Repair Services

With all the use that your air conditioning system gets it can eventually start to develop problems. When you need an air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City, UT, just call Rentmeister Total Home Services. We’ve worked with countless customers on all different kinds of air conditioning issues. These are a few of the most common problems that we see.

  • Strange noises – If your air conditioning system has started to make a new noise like hissing, squealing or gurgling it likely means that something has gone wrong. The Salt Lake City air conditioning repair professionals at Rentmeister Total Home Services can handle any issues that you might have.
  • Not enough cooling – When your air conditioning system is blowing warm air or if it isn’t able to keep your home cool, it could mean that you need repairs. This problem could be caused by faulty thermostats but it could also be something more serious like a broken compressor or a bad fan motor. Call the air conditioning repair techs at Rentmeister Total Home services if you’re having this issue.
  • Humidity problems – Your air conditioning system naturally provides dehumidification to your home. If you’ve noticed that your home is humid or muggy then call the Salt Lake City air conditioning repair pros at Rentmeister Total Home Services.

No matter what kind of air conditioning services you need in Salt Lake City, UT, just call Rentmeister Total Home Services. We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers and to the quality of work that we do.

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