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3 Potential Furnace Problems to Watch for This Winter

Hopefully as we get closer and closer to winter, you’ve taken the time to schedule a maintenance appointment. This is more than just a quick check of your heater—during this appointment our technicians fully inspect and clean your furnace, checking for repair needs and making appropriate adjustments.

Additionally, we’ll check for troubling symptoms such as worn fan belts and corroded wiring that can cause bigger problems later on if they are not addressed right away. This helps to reduce the need for furnace repairs. However, if you either haven’t scheduled maintenance or you have an aging system, you should always keep an eye out for potential problems. We’ve covered 3 of the most common below.

Fan Issues

The fan in your heating system has a number of components that if left ignored can fall into disrepair. Maintenance can prevent this type of problem in most cases, but problems you should watch out for are friction created by dry ball bearings in the fan shaft, loose or bent fan blades, loose motor mounts, worn fan belts, motor issues, and electrical issues.


Without regular cleaning, the components in your furnace can get excessively dirty. If your burner is covered in a layer of dust and grime, issues can begin to develop, such as uneven heating, an inability for all the burners to light, and excessive wear and tear. During routine maintenance, your burner is inspected and cleaned so that it can perform as it should.


Many modern furnaces start up via an electronic ignition. There are two types: intermittent and hot surface ignition. Whichever type you have, it can become dirty. The fuel nozzle in the intermittent pilot can become clogged, preventing gas from flowing. And with the hot surface igniter, dirt on the outside can act as insulation and prevent it from getting hot enough to ignite.

For quality furnace maintenance and repairs in Roy, UT, contact the heating experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today!

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