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5 Reasons You May Want a Ductless System Installed

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Ductless heating and cooling units are also called ductless mini splits by professionals. No matter what you call them, these ductless units are increasingly popular with home and business owners. If a ductless heating and cooling system piques your interest, you may want to know more about how the system works. After all, more traditional units rely heavily on ducts to transfer air throughout your home or business.

Below are the top five reasons you may want to consider installing a ductless system. When you’re ready to take the next step, our team can help with ductless system installation in Layton, UT.

More Flexibility

While it may seem obvious, a ductless system doesn’t use ductwork. In place of ductwork that connects to a single AC unit, a ductless system has mini units located in each individual room or space. Ductless systems are great for older homes built before the invention of whole-house heating and cooling. Many older homes don’t have the space for a complex system of ductwork. Ductless systems alleviate the need for that extra space by mounting in each room. Plus, the individual units don’t take up much space so they can fit almost anywhere. 

Save on Energy

A large whole-house HVAC unit has to power up and down in its entirety. A ductless system uses less energy because each unit only needs to cool a single isolated space. There’s also the added benefit of not losing heat or cooling through gaps in the ductwork. All of the heated or cooled air transfers directly into the designated space for that particular unit. 

Control Individual Zones

Do you ever wish your bedroom could be a few degrees cooler at night without cooling the entire home? With a ductless cooling system, that’s possible. You can lower your total energy costs by heating or cooling specific areas of your home or business while leaving other rooms at different temperatures. This is also great for households where different family members prefer different temperatures. As long as you keep doors closed to separate the areas, different rooms can easily be different temperatures.

Easy Add-On in New Areas

When you add on to your home or business, it can be costly to add and reposition ductwork. Plus, if your unit isn’t large enough to cool your square footage you may need to replace the entire system. With a ductless system, you can simply add a unit to your new room. In fact, even with a central cooling system, you can still install a ductless unit in a single room. The same goes for businesses. If you expand your space, a ductless system makes it easy to heat and cool without overhauling your existing unit. 

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Ductwork collects dust and bacteria over time. That same dust and bacteria then recirculates through your air when the fan blows. You don’t have that problem with a ductless system. While you may need to wipe down the outside of each unit occasionally, dust isn’t collecting and recirculating on the inside.

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