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5 Unexpected Ways That You’re Hurting Your AC

Air conditioner in need of service or repair.When summer rolls around, we start to get an influx of service calls concerning air conditioning systems. This never surprises us. The weather is warm and air conditioners are working hard. It’s likely that you’re probably going to run into a problem now if there’s been one brewing beneath the surface for a while. We’re here to help you if you’re in this circumstance. Today though, we’d like to focus on preventative measures.

There might be things that you’re doing or that you’ve always done that are actually hurting your air conditioning system. We want to bring them to your attention today so you can get things on the right track. We’re experts in everything air conditioning in Roy, UT.

Stop Doing This!

Here are a few things you’re probably doing that actually hurt your air conditioning system.

1. Skipping Out on Maintenance

Don’t think that you can skip out on maintenance and it won’t catch up with you eventually. When you skip out on maintenance, you might not notice that your air conditioner deteriorates immediately, but the quality of the system will go down over time.

Unfortunately, you might start to notice the issues that have been lying right underneath the surface toward the end of the summer. This is why we never recommend that you skip maintenance. It’s working against your comfort.

2. Running Your AC Irresponsibly

Is the way you’re running your air conditioner responsible? If you’re coming home and choosing the coolest possible temperature you can get, then you’re not running it responsibly. This is going to wear down your air conditioner with time. Make sure that you’re picking mild temperatures and being realistic with your expectations of your AC. It will help your system last longer.

3. Neglecting Filter Changes

You should change your home’s air conditioning filter once every three months. If you didn’t do this during spring and you still haven’t done this at the start of the summer, you’re going to need to do so now. A clean filter gives you a fresh start and a fighting chance to have great air conditioning this summer.

4. Closing Vents

Don’t close vents in certain rooms! We know that it can be hard to find a temperature that everyone can agree upon at home, but closing vents isn’t the answer. It’s only going to hurt the efficiency in your home and raise your bills in the process.

5. Not Getting the Right Upgrades When Necessary

You should upgrade your thermostat system as often as you’re upgrading your home’s air conditioner and heater. The problem is that few homeowners do this.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your thermostat, take this as your sign to do so today. You shouldn’t have an old thermostat without a digital face. You’re never going to get the precision, control, and efficiency you’re looking for with one of these. We recommend Wi-Fi and smart thermostats.

Contact your HVAC and plumbing experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today! We’re prepared to help you with your air conditioner.

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