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7 AC Upgrades To Round Out The Summer

studio-shot-of-modern-thermostatIt’s been a long summer in Layton. Have you had the air conditioning service that you want?

If you haven’t, but the problems haven’t been significant enough for you to call for air conditioning repair, then it’s time for you to consider these simple upgrades. There are many things that you can do for your air conditioning in Layton, UT. Trust us when we say that not everything has to be to the extent of repair or replacement—we’ve got your back. We have all the right education and resources for your needs. We know that air conditioning work is important here in Layton, so we take it seriously. Come to us for everything that you need.

Simple Upgrades That You Can Try

If you’re trying to boost your air conditioning efficiency this year, just make sure that you try out some of these helpful air conditioning tips.

1. Unblock Your Vents

Make sure that your vents throughout your home are free and clear of any blockages. We’re not even talking about inside the vents. What we’re talking about is any shelves, clothing, or furniture that might be in front of your vents. These are going to negatively impact the efficiency of your home.

2. Upgrade Your Thermostat

Do you have a slide or dial thermostat? Your thermostat needs to be digital at the least. But at best, you might want a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat. These types of thermostats work for you. They help you get the exact type of efficiency that you need.

3. Seal Up Your Home

You’re going to need to insulate your home. Insulation isn’t just something you should focus on when you’re trying to keep your home warm in winter; you need a tightly sealed home for the summer too.

4. Move Heat-Producing Items Away From the Thermostat

Do you have a lamp, television, or any other appliance near your thermostat? It’s time for you to move these units away from your thermostat. It’s making the thermostat read higher temperature readings in the room and it makes your AC work harder as a result.

5. Clean Up

What does the outside AC unit look like? Are there leaves, twigs, and branches all over the outside unit? This actually affects how the unit cools. We’ll help you get what you need.

6. Cover Up

Close up your blinds and curtains! Natural light brings a little heat with it. This means that it’s going to be harder for your home to cool down. Closing your blinds at the peak of the day will help your home cool off faster.

7. Take Care of Your Outdoor Unit

Is your outdoor unit directly in the sun? If it is, it’s time for you to cover it up. Putting your outdoor unit in the shade is going to help your air conditioning system cool off faster. Make sure that you consider this if you’re trying to boost your efficiency.

Some of the things on this list are simple and no-cost while others take more time and effort. No matter what, we’re here to help you make ends meet. Call us for any assistance you need.

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