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7 Troubling Heating Signs

There’s a lot going on throughout the winter season. This is especially true this year because things are more different than they’ve ever been before. We’re sure that you’re coordinating holiday video conference calls, buying last-minute gifts, and trying to get things shipped out so they’ll still arrive in time. We know that with all the hustle and bustle a few things might slip through the cracks. If that’s been your heating so far this season, we want to bring your attention back to this system.

Our team members specialize in heating in Ogden, UT. This means that you can always rely on us for heating help. These are the signs you should watch out for at this point in the heating season.

Watch Out For…

These are the signs that something may be wrong with your heater.

1. You’re Not Warm Enough

Be honest with yourself for a moment: are you warm enough at home? If the answer is no, then it’s time for you to put your heating into the hands of a professional. Before you do this though, let’s identify what not being warm enough looks like. It might look like mornings spent huddled underneath your blankets because your home won’t heat up fast enough or evenings spent in as many layers as possible because you’re so cold. Don’t settle for this.

2. Your Heating Bills Are Getting Higher

Your heating bills should be reasonable unless you’re pushing your heater to its absolute limits. If you notice that your heating bill is starting to put a strain on your wallet, it’s time to reassess.

3. Odd Noises

Your heater shouldn’t make much noise. If you notice loud or new noises, then it’s time to call us a professional.

4. Foul Odors

Does your heater smell funky? You might not associate the scents you’re noticing with your heater directly. We want you to watch out for scents like burning or any moments where your head starts to hurt after you’ve been running the heater for a while. You might be experiencing a carbon monoxide leak. This is bad news, but it’s definitely something we can handle for you with our team.

5. Short-Cycling or Long Cycles

You want your heater to run in routine cycles. If you notice that it’s running in short cycles or long cycles, then your heater is struggling. We can help you get things back on track.

6. Increased Dust

Increased dust is actually a sign that your heater is hurting. Your heater isn’t circulating air properly if there are high amounts of dust in your home. We’re here to help you pinpoint your problems and fix them fast.

7. Discolored Pilot Light

If you’re already having suspicions that your heater is struggling, then you should take a look at your furnace’s pilot light. The pilot light is what puts the fire behind your furnace system. You should always see a steady, bright blue flame. If you notice that the flame is flickering, weak, or discolored, then you need to contact our professionals. “Discolored” is any flame that isn’t blue. You might notice red, yellow, or orange.

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