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It’s That Time of Year: AC Maintenance

Technician's hand working on an air conditionerWith spring officially here and temperatures just barely beginning to warm up, it may seem strange to already be talking about our air conditioning systems. However, this is the time of year that many homeowners are performing spring cleaning and spring remodeling tasks—and they often forget about one very important home component that needs spring and summer preparation: their air conditioning system.

One of the most important things you should be doing every spring is scheduling preventive Layton, UT HVAC maintenance for your cooling system. This will ensure that your air conditioning system is ready for the added stress of summer. Neglecting your maintenance session will make it more likely for problems to happen later on in the season. Keep reading for more information on why you should schedule this service today!

AC System Problems Are Hard to Spot

You probably can’t expect to spot air conditioning problems before they have caused damage. In fact, most cooling system problems don’t give off any warning signs at all. If there’s a problem with your AC system that’s giving off obvious symptoms, it’s probably been around long enough that damage has already had time to take hold.

Waiting for warning signs to appear before calling for AC repairs only gives problems further time to develop. The better thing to do is catch and resolve air conditioning problems before they’ve had a chance to get that far, which you can do by scheduling preventive maintenance. Maintenance lets our professional technicians fully inspect your air conditioner, isolate any problems, and provide resolutions before they start threatening the health of the system.

Scheduling maintenance consistently (once a year for standard central HVAC systems and twice a year for heat pumps) increases your cooling system’s energy efficiency, reducing the odds of it developing other problems in the future, and extending its effective lifespan.

The Best Time to Schedule Maintenance

Ideally, you’d schedule your regular air conditioning maintenance in the spring. This ensures that your AC system is as healthy as possible before it is put under the added stress of summer. Your HVAC technicians will be able to resolve any preexisting problems in the AC that could be made worse by the summer strain, and they will tune up the rest of the system to make sure it’s fully prepared.

Of course, just because spring is the best time to schedule this service doesn’t mean you should skip it if you miss that window of time. It’s better to have maintenance done a little later than never done at all. In fact, you can have it done any time of the year—although wintertime could naturally make this more difficult due to snow, and the height of summer is when you’ll need your air conditioner running almost full-time. You might not like to have your service interrupted this time of the year! This is why we typically recommend springtime maintenance.

For reliable and thorough maintenance services, contact your HVAC and plumbing experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today!

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