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Air Conditioning FAQ: What Type of Air Filter Should I Get for My AC System?

If you want air conditioning services that improve indoor air quality, give the experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service a call any time. We are happy to answer questions about effective ways to increase your air conditioners performance, as well as improve indoor air quality. Both of these will involve getting the right type of air filter or air cleaner for your home. This week we’ve put together a list of the basic types of filters with a description of each. Call our Salt Lake City air conditioning technicians if you have further questions about air filters.

Washable Filters

Washable filters are heavy-duty, washable, and should last 5 – 7 years if kept clean.  These filters clean the air and stop dust collection on the blower motor, wheel and AC coil. Dust on these parts creates damage and premature failure. We recommend that you clean your washable filter twice a year. These filters are rated at about 15% efficient.

Pleated High Efficiency Filters

For an even more efficient filter (around 20% efficient), pleated high-efficiency filters are highly restrictive and can hinder the operation of the furnace and A/C. If you are currently having problems with your furnace or air conditioning this could be the problem. These filters should be replaced once a month.

Media Filters

These filters last about 1 year and help with allergies and respiratory irritations. They are 70% efficient.

Electrostatic Filters

This type of filter was very popular 10 years ago, but we do not recommended them now.

EAC Filters

The EAC filter is one of the most efficient filters on the market. They are part of a whole-house air cleaner, and they are washable so they do not need to be replaced. When dirty, you will hear a popping sound. They are 95-99% efficient.

HEPA Filters

The most efficient air filter, the HEPA Filter is used in hospitals and doctors’ offices. They are 99.97% efficient, but they are not for standard heating and AC systems.

Visit the showroom at Rentmeister Total Home Service in Salt Lake City, UT, and we’ll go over the different types of filters we install and match one for your needs.


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