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Air Conditioning FAQ: Why is Important to Tune-Up Your Air Conditioner?

If you are looking for maintenance and tune-up services, contact the Salt Lake City air conditioning experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service. We’ll make sure your AC system is ready for the hottest summer months with our comprehensive 20-point air conditioning maintenance check.

Here’s what you get with one of our AC tune-ups and why it is so important to schedule one of these once a year:

  • Check Thermostat: We check for accuracy, display problems and system start and shutoff.
  • Inspect Filters: There are many types of filters that require different attention. We check the filter and perform the necessary service for your system.
  • Check Electrical Connections: Many problems occur as electrical connections become weak from vibrations. We check for good connectivity with all connections.
  • Check Blower Wheel: Make sure all motor and blower wheels are free from dust and dirt, which is a major reason for AC failure.
  • Check Door Switch: This is a safety device and must be in working order for those who work on the equipment.
  • Outdoor Temperature: This check helps us to check your refrigerant charge for accuracy.
  • Liquid and Suction Pressure: Checking an air conditioner’s pressures is very important. This tells us whether there are problems inside or outside the home.
  • Check Indoor Blower and Bearings: Check for cleanliness, proper airflow and the motor.
  • Check Contractors: We check contractors for pitting and debris that could stop a contractor from passing on the voltage to the compressor and condenser fan motor. We clean or replace as necessary.
  • Check Crank Case Heater: The crank case heater helps keep the compressor from slugging and causing damage or burning up.
  • Check Fan Cycle: Checks performed to make sure fan is operating as it should be.
  • Check Outdoor Coil: A dirty outdoor coil stops the hot air collected from inside from dispersing outdoors. A clean coil helps the efficiency of your air conditioner.
  • Blower Amps and Volts: The correct volts ensure the motor works efficiently. Checking amps tells us if the motor needs to be lubricated or replaced.
  • Check Indoor Coil: Any dirt on the coil will affect your air conditioner causing the system to freeze up and stop cooling.
  • Record Compressor Amp: This check helps us make sure your compressor is functioning at its capacity.
  • Run Capacitor: The run capacitor helps the compressor run efficiently. If the capacitor stops working, it could take out the compressor.
  • Blower Capacitor: This helps the blower motor run smooth if it stops working it could result in burning up the blower.
  • Check Run Defrost Cycle: Very important cycle on a heat pump, and it is important that it operates efficiently.
  • Temperature Difference: The check is a “double check” all other checks performed and also verifies refrigerant charge.
  • Check Reversing Valve: Very important valve for heat pumps and is checked.

To have one of the Salt Lake City air conditioning technicians at Rentmeister Total Home Service perform an air conditioning check at your home, please call or email us at any time.

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