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When Is the Best Time for Air Conditioning Maintenance?

best-time-air-conditioner-maintenanceEven the most efficient of professionally installed air conditioning systems can fail when they don’t receive routine care. When your air conditioner is running full-time over the summer to keep you comfortable, the occasional issue is to be expected. But repair needs will crop up more frequently if your cooling system doesn’t receive the level of professional service that it needs.

We recommend that you invest in an Ogden, UT AC tune-up once a year, and before you need it the most—so, now! Although, if you’re using a heat pump—which is a year-round system—then you’ll want to increase this service to twice a year. Keep reading to learn more about why you should never skip your routine maintenance appointment for your AC.

You’ll Prevent Premature Breakdowns

We may not experience the intense temperatures that other parts of the country do in the summertime—particularly coastal states. However, even during the mildest of summers, it’s likely that you’ll be running your air conditioning system fairly consistently for at least a few months.

This frequency of use puts a lot of strain on the cooling system, and parts can wear down quickly. The most likely time for an air conditioner to break down, if not properly cared for, is right in the middle of summer. Unfortunately, this is when you need it the most! However, this is often preventable when you have routine tune-ups.

Regular AC maintenance, when performed by a professional, can certainly help you avoid breakdowns. During this service, our professionals do a few things that help your AC system run smoothly for longer.

  • We will fully inspect your air conditioner for any repair needs and signs of excessive wear and tear. This includes looking at the electrical components of your AC system and checking for problems—such as a failing capacitor or a worn blower motor. Scheduling these repairs as soon as you’re made aware of them will ensure that the problem won’t grow.
  • We will thoroughly clean the system’s inside components. Let’s say for instance that our technician finds that your coils are coated with dust. This will inhibit the release of heat and slow your cooling system’s performance. Cleaning off your coils will help AC performance.
  • We will make necessary adjustments as we see them. This can include tightening electrical connections and loose screws, ensuring that your condensate drain isn’t clogged, and making sure that your fan blades aren’t bent or loose.

Prevent Damage with Routine Maintenance

Preventing damage and breakdowns with your cooling system is perhaps the most important reason to schedule routine maintenance. But in addition to being a preventive measure, your AC tune-up will help you air conditioner operate better for a longer period of time. Regular maintenance is known to potentially extend the life-cycle of an AC system, particularly if you make sure to have them done yearly.

Additionally, professional air conditioner maintenance can help restore your system’s efficiency, which gets lost over the course of a cooling system’s life. As this appliance wears down with age, it simply does not have the same efficiency levels it once did, and eventually costs more to run. But regular tune-ups help your system run more smoothly, and in turn, more efficiently.

For superior service, contact your air conditioning experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today!

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