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Boiler Problems to Watch Out for This Season

Utah is one state where you will see a lot of boiler systems—and for good reason. They provide reliable heat to homeowners throughout the state during what can be a few months of bone-chilling weather. One of the biggest benefits of boilers, too, is that they generally have fewer repair needs than other heating systems such as furnaces and heat pumps.

The reason for this is because boilers have a much smaller number of mechanical parts than other heating systems, meaning they have fewer components that wear down. They don’t need these components to circulate hot water throughout your home. However, no boiler is immune to problems, and you might still need to call for repair service at some point during the service life of your boiler.

Expansion Tank Issues

If you’ve ever taken a good look at the water tank of your boiler, you may have noticed a small, cylindrical tank attached to a pressure gauge. This is your expansion tank, and it maintains water pressure inside the boiler to help prevent pressure from spiking too high. However, if the membrane in this component breaks, then it can cause high water pressure—leading to a host of other issues.


One of the most common problems that you can run into with your boiler is that of leaks. They can occur from old pipes, or a poorly soldered connection can start to cause water damage in your home. Not only is property damage something you want to avoid, but leaks can cause your boiler to lose its heating capability.

Malfunctioning Circulator Pump

As we mentioned, a boiler does have fewer mechanical components than a furnace or heat pump system. However, a circulator pump is one component it has. The function of the circulator pump is to transfer hot water from the tank through the pipes to terminal points in your home. If this pump breaks, it will need repairs or even replacement.

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