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Can Wood Stoves Help With Heating?

Here in Bountiful, UT, heating still relies on old fashioned methods as much as more modern systems such as forced-air furnaces. We live in the West, with its traditions of self-sufficiency and the simple beauty of the plains. In that environment, romantic heating systems such as fireplaces and wood-burning stoves still see a lot of use. Wood-burning stoves dramatically enhance the atmosphere of your home, as well as being easy to use and requiring no fuel beyond the wood itself. But beyond the romance and ease of use, can wood stoves help with heating? The answer is a resounding yes.

Because of their construction, wood stoves are much more efficient than fireplaces. The heat is contained in their central box, fed by fresh air through the intake vents. The size and compact nature of the stove means that many gases which might escape up the chimney will instead remain and burn inside the stove, generating more heat and keeping it inside where it belongs.

Furthermore, the heat generated by a wood stove is radiant heat, augmented by the metal of the stove itself and warming the nearby room with a great deal of efficiency. Some types of wood stove come with convection chambers and fans to help move the air more efficiently, but even those that don’t can still generate a great deal of radiant heat.

The downside to wood stoves is that their heating potential is usually limited to the room they occupy. However, the cost of heating is practically nothing and wood stoves don’t generate many pollutants or harmful chemicals in the production of their heat. That comes on top of the cozy ambiance and romantic atmosphere a wood stove can provide. In Bountiful UT, heating with a wood stove fits right in with our overall climate and the unique culture that comes from life in the Southwest. The Bountiful, UT heating experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service can plan and install a beautiful wood stove to help with heating in your home. If you’re interested, pick up the phone and call us today to make an appointment.

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