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Client Testimonial: The Importance of Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

We write a lot about the importance of improving your indoor air quality, and about all the airborne contaminants in the average home that could cause serious health issues. This week, though, we have a client testimonial that helps illustrate just how much of a difference indoor air quality services can make. Let’s take a look at the Hansen family, and how our indoor air quality services greatly improved their health.

The Problem

In May of last year, the Hansen family purchased a number of new furnishings for their home. Everything seemed all right at first, until Mrs. Hansen started developing a rash that spread over most of her upper body. The rash became severely inflamed, followed by an infection. The cause of the rash was identified in short order: the new furnishings were contaminated with high amounts of formaldehyde. The doctors informed the Hansens that the only way the rash would heal would be if the formaldehyde were cleansed from the home. That’s when Mr. and Mrs. Hansen decided to call us.

The Solution

Once we heard about the Hansens’ crisis, we showed up the next morning with one of our HALO filters. We installed the HALO filter in the furnace ducts, and told them to let us know when they started showing improvement. Within 48 hours, the Hansens noticed a marked difference in their air quality, and by the time two weeks had passed Mrs. Hansen’s skin had very much improved.

If you have a severe indoor air quality problem, don’t just ignore it! We offer a wide range of indoor air quality services that can significantly improve your health.

If you’d like to know more about the REME HALO filter, or any other indoor air quality service we offer, call Rentmeister Total Home Services. We serve all of Kaysville, UT.

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