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Common Air Conditioning Problems during the Summertime

In Bountiful, UT, air conditioning systems keep our homes comfortable when the heat outside starts to rise. No one wants to experience air conditioning problems during the summertime, when even a few hours without cool air can feel like an eternity. A good service professional can handle any issues quickly and professionally, but before you give them a call, it helps to identify the more common air conditioning problems and their sources.

A number of AC unit problems come about from a lack of adequate maintenance. When dust and dirt build up in the air filters, it can interfere with air flow into your home as well as creating a dust build-up in the system itself. Dirty coils prevent the cooling process from functioning as it should, while leaks can rob your system of refrigerant and damage its ability to cool the air. That all comes on top of normal wear and tear that forces your AC unit to work much harder than it should. A regular air conditioning maintenance schedule can keep those problems in check and lower your monthly bills by helping your system to use less energy.

Drainage problems can sometime pop up as well. Your air conditioning system probably contains a condensate pan and drain line to remove condensation from the system, and possibly a condensate pump as well. When these elements don’t function as they should – if the line is clogged, for instance, or the pump is malfunctioning – the condensation will build up in the pan. If left unchecked, the water could leak onto nearby components, causing a serious repair issue.

Electrical problems sometimes rear their heads during the summertime as well. Worn or damaged terminals may cause the system to behave erratically, and low voltage levels may prompt a “hard” (or stuttering) start to the cooling cycle. Many components in your air conditioning system have automatic shut-off switches that trigger when the component is damaged or overworked: turning your system off and preventing further damage.

Whatever the cause of the difficulty, you shouldn’t have to wait to get it corrected.  At Rentmeister Total Home Service, our trained Bountiful air conditioning technicians can handle all manner of air conditioning problems. We serve the whole of the Bountiful, UT area, as well as nearby communities. Call us today, and let us put your air conditioning worries to rest.

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