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Common Signs That Your Kitchen Needs Repiping

The process of repiping involves replacing an old or faulty length of pipe in your home with a new one. Whole-house repiping is recommended if you’ve had multiple plumbing problems and live in an older home with outdated plumbing. However repiping just a single length of plumbing is possible, and may be a more budget-friendly option for now.

Your kitchen is one area of your home where your plumbing is used the most and receives the most wear and tear. If you’ve been having problems, you may very well need kitchen repiping. But how do you know if it’s time? We’ve shared a brief list below of common signs that your kitchen needs repiping.

Rusty Water

If the interior of your kitchen pipes are rusted or corroded, then portions of that rust may break off and enter your home through faucets. As a result, you’ll notice discolored water. Keep in mind that if you only see rusty water when you’re using hot water, then the problem is very likely with your water heater and not your kitchen plumbing. However if you see rust in your cold water as well, the problem is likely your pipes.


Have you notice a leak that keeps springing up under your sink, or anywhere else in your kitchen? If leaks keep occurring through the same length of pipe, chances are that you’re dealing with a flaw in that pipe. Timely replacement is vital to avoid a big plumbing emergency.

Note that if you see visible rust or corrosion but you haven’t experienced a leak, it is only a matter of time. You can consider this a positive sign as it helps you correct the problem before it turns into a water damage situation.

Lead Pipes

Prior to the 1980’s, lead was used for piping as well as the solders connecting copper piping. The reason for their use was because they had a unique ability to resist pinhole leaks. However, lead was found to be unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

As a result, lead pipes are no longer allowed in home construction. If you do live in an older home, there’s a very good chance your kitchen still contains lead piping. Be sure to schedule repiping services to ensure your health and the health of your family.

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