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Components of a Centralized Heating System

Here in Salt Lake City, the majority of homes use centralized heating systems to keep their homes warm in the winter. These systems are distinctive because they generate their heat in one place, then use fans or blowers to move it throughout your house via a system of ducts.  They work very well and because natural gas is inexpensive, they tend to remain very cost effectives as well. A Salt Lake City heating system installation company like Rentmeister Total Home Service should be able to help you with your furnace as a matter of course.

The help you better understand how the system works, here’s a quick breakdown of the components of a centralized heating system.

  • Ignition switch/thermocouple. The ignition switch takes the place of the pilot light on older units. The thermocouple controls the flow of gas into the furnace, ensuring that it only does so when the ignition switch is activated. (That keeps your house from flooding with gas if there’s a problem with the ignition.)
  • Burners. The burners’ job is very simple, keep the gas lit while the heating process continues. Because the burning gas contains trace toxins, it can’t be sent into the home directly. So…
  • Heat exchange. The heat exchange is basically a long tube made of metal with openings at either end. The hot gas from the burner passes through it and warms it, which in turn warms the surrounding air. Toxins from the gas then move into a venting pipe, safely out of the system where they can’t cause any harm
  • Blower. The blower is essentially a fan, which moves the air heated by the heat exchange on into the ducts.
  • Ducts. The ducts simply serve as conduits for the hot air: hidden in your attic or crawlspaces and moving the air through vents into the various corners of your home.

The components of a centralized heating system all need to move in sync in order for your heater to work. When they don’t, you need to call upon Rentmeister Total Home Service. We’re based in Salt Lake City, heating installation and repair rank among our specialties, and we’re dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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