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The Heat Pump Difference: Consider This for Your Next Comfort Installation

icon of the sun next to a snowflakeThere’s a cooling system on the market that is quickly rising in popularity as a way for homeowners to improve their comfort and HVAC efficiency. It’s the heat pump—a system that works much like a standard air conditioner. We mean that it circulates chemical refrigerant between two sets of coils, one indoors and one outdoors, in order to create the process of heat exchange.

Heat exchange means literally that heat is being moved from one area to another. An air conditioner works by taking the heat from inside your home and expelling it out doors. But with a Syracuse, UT heat pump installation, you have the power to reverse the process for effective heating, too. With just a simple adjustment to your thermostat, you can enjoy year-round comfort from this climate control installation.

You Don’t Need a Furnace and an Air Conditioner

As we mentioned above, heat pumps are suitable for year-round use. This means that if you were looking to replace your current air conditioner, and you also have an aging or broken down furnace, you can easily replace both with one system.

You’ll Save Energy

This is a leading reason that many homeowners invest in a heat pump for their cooling and heating needs. Typically, a heat pump will be less expensive to run than other heating systems, like an electric furnace.

This is because rather than using energy to create heat, a heat pump uses energy to run electrical components that move heat. You may discover that switching from a furnace to a heat pump saves you hundreds in utility bills.

Heat Pumps Are Safe

This isn’t to say that other heating options aren’t safe. However, if you have any concerns about using a natural gas heating system in your home, then a heat pump could be a good option for you. The cabinet of a heat pump doesn’t even get warm when it’s in heating mode, nor does it have any danger of creating toxic emissions, like carbon monoxide.

Contact your HVAC and plumbing experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today to learn more about these efficient cooling and heating systems!

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