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Could Your Air Conditioner Be Making You Ill?

Air conditioners are extremely beneficial appliances. Without them, summers in Utah would be unbearable for many homeowners. AC systems keep us cool, but they also dry out humidity and help to clean the air. Of course, your indoor air quality can be improved even more with the right indoor air quality services and products, such as duct sealing and high-efficiency air filters, to name just a couple of beneficial products. But can your air conditioner actually make you sick? It’s important to realize that it may not be the actual air conditioning system that’s the problem, but how you use that system. Keep reading to learn more.

Are You Changing Your Air Filters Regularly?

True, the air filters that come standard with your AC are designed to protect the inside components of the system, not your indoor air quality. However, when they become clogged then particles are unable to filter out of your indoor air. You can experience allergy symptoms, asthma symptoms, and other respiratory problems if this isn’t resolved. Even if your system is professionally maintained each year, you should change the air filter at least every three months. If your home has excessive contaminants, such as pet dander or cigarette smoke, this should be even more often.

Do You Have the Temperature Set Too Low?

The ideal daytime temperature comfort range for most Americans is between 70–75 degrees. If you find that your air conditioner feels too cold and you are shivering or tensing up from being cold, this can cause you to experience symptoms such as headaches or fatigue. Try raising the temperature up a couple of degrees to see if that helps. Aside from potentially helping you feel better, this will save you money as your AC won’t have to run as long.

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