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A Dirty Air Filter and Its Impact on Your Home

dirty-air-filter-impact-homeYou’ve probably heard this before—or at least, we hope you have—but it’s imperative that you change your air filter on a regular basis. Why is that? You might assume that a dirty air filter is a problem due to the contaminants it sends through the air, and this is the reason we keep stressing the importance of changing it. This is only somewhat correct, however.

Your HVAC systems’ air filter is there not only to block allergens from moving back into your airstream, but mainly to block particles from damaging the inside of your air conditioner by pummeling it or jamming the fan. When an air filter is dirty and clogged, however, it can do just as much damage to your Syracuse, UT air conditioning system. Keep reading to learn how a dirty air filter affects your home.

It Inhibits Your Comfort

Sure, your air filter seems like a minor component to your home comfort system. However, looks can be deceiving. This filter stands between the intake air and your HVAC system. Therefore, a clogged filter will restrict air from circulating through the vents.

In other words, there won’t be enough air coming through to keep you effectively or efficiently cooled off. If you notice hot or cold spots around your home, or if the temperature never seems to match your thermostat settings, then a clogged filter can certainly be to blame. And your discomfort is just the beginning.

It’s Damaging to Your Cooling System

Climate control systems are designed to take in a certain amount of air each time that they cycle. If airflow is inhibited, the components of that system have to work a lot harder to do their basic jobs. This means you can expect increased wear and tear over the season, and your cooling system may even fail when you need it the most.

It Can Cause Your AC to Leak

Cooling systems operate by absorbing heat from the air within your home. As refrigerant evaporates in the indoor evaporator coil, it’s able to absorb heat from air blowing over that coil. However, if your air filter is clogged, then warm air is limited, causing the coil to freeze over.

As this ice thaws, water can leak into your home and cause significant property damage. A frozen coil is a sure sign of a problem, and can be due to other issues within the cooling system, so be sure to call for professional repairs immediately if you notice this symptom. Still though, remember that changing your air filter on a monthly basis during heavy periods of use can definitely help prevent your coil from icing over to begin with.

The Decreased Efficiency Will Increase Your Bills

When your air filter is clogged and the cooling power is decreased because of it, your air conditioning system has to work harder in order to reach the desired temperature on your thermostat. As such, it’s functioning inefficiently and will eventually reflect on your energy bills.

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