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Do Your Drains Need Cleaning?

Professional plumber doing reparation in kitchen home.The drain and sewer portion of your plumbing system is one of its most important components. Without a well-maintained drain system, you could find yourself facing some serious issues that will affect your entire Bountiful, UT plumbing system.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to keep your drain system in good condition. You just need to ensure that you schedule routine drain cleaning. Keep reading to learn some of the signs that you’re in need of a drain cleaning appointment sooner than later.

Low Water Flow/Slow Drains

Clogs are the single biggest drain problem our team receives calls for, and the one you’re most likely to deal with at some point during your homeownership. Clogs tend to develop fairly slowly, as waste builds up on the drain pipe walls. As the clog keeps building up, toward the center of the pipe, it restricts the flow of water more and more.

If you notice one of your drains is draining more slowly than others, a clog is probably forming in that single pipe, and you should schedule drain cleaning right away. It’s also important to note that if this is occurring in multiple drains throughout your household, then you are likely dealing with a sewer line clog.

Foul Odors

This symptom is more common with kitchen drains than elsewhere in your home. This is due to food waste—although other drains can certainly have this symptom too. If a bad smell is coming from just one of your drains, it’s probably due to bad waste buildup in that single pipe.

Similar to above, however, if you detect bad smells coming from multiple drains then you probably have a problem deeper within your sewer system. Drain cleaning might not be able to deal with that type of issue and you may need sewer line repair.

Invest in Annual Plumbing Maintenance

Even if you haven’t noticed any warning signs that your drains are in need of a thorough cleaning, it’s still a good idea to schedule this service as part of your annual plumbing maintenance appointment. Since drain clogs tend to form slowly over time, preventive drain cleaning can often clean out waste buildup that would eventually have caused significant problems.

Plumbing systems don’t have seasons when they’re under more strain than at others, like HVAC systems do. So, it’s not especially important that you schedule plumbing maintenance during a specific time of year. However, it’s important to schedule consistently year after year.

Our Drain Cleaning Methods

There are two main drain cleaning methods that our team use. Neither of them involves a liquid drain cleaner you can pick up at the store! These solutions are damaging to your pipes and don’t actually remove the clog or the problem that created the clog. Rather, we may use a professional drain snaking tool.

With more severe clogs we might need a little more help. This is when we’ll use hydro-jetting. This uses a high-pressure stream of water to blast all collected waste out of the drain pipe. The hose is outfitted with an omni-directional sprayer head, enabling it to thoroughly clean out the entire drain pipe and even prevent further clogs from forming later on.

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