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Do You Have the IAQ Services That You Need?

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Now more than ever, homeowners across the country and specifically here in Layton are more concerned than ever with their home health. We know that you’ve been spending the past weeks thoroughly disinfecting your groceries, masking up when you head outside, and keeping gloves on your person wherever you go out to avoid germs. What have you been doing for your home though?

If you haven’t taken the steps to equip your home with the right indoor air quality services in Layton, UT, you need to make the effort now. You can get a clean, healthy home with just a few indoor air quality systems and better practices. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know below…

Gauging Your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Let’s walk through the process of gauging your indoor air quality needs. Are you sure you know what you need? It can be a complicated process of discovery if you’re one of the many people here who has never had an indoor air quality system in your home. We don’t want to make things difficult for you. We want to make the process as clear as possible.

Here are a few major signs that you need an indoor air quality system.

  • It’s hard to breathe at home (you cough, sneeze, or wheeze too often)
  • You notice small things constantly floating through your home’s indoor air
  • Your home’s humidity is rarely balanced, and you suffer consequences because of this (mold, mildew, or constant heat)
  • Your air conditioning and heating systems rarely do their jobs to their full capacities
  • You’re always paying too much for your heating and cooling services
  • It’s always a struggle to get great comfort control

If you’ve read through all the points that we’ve listed above and realized that your home could benefit from an indoor air quality system, make sure you keep reading below to find the right system for your needs.

You Can Choose from These Systems

Let’s get into the systems that you should choose for your home to alleviate your indoor air quality problems.

Air Filters and/or Air Purifiers

If you have a high level of debris, dust, or contaminants in your home, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with us for an air filter or an air purifier. These simple systems will get rid of the vast majority of the problems that you’re having.

Whole House Dehumidifiers

Summers in Layton are hot, sweaty, and balmy. If you want to avoid an uncomfortable and sticky summer inside or, even worse, problems with mold and mildew, it’s time to consider a dehumidifier.

Duct Services

Have you noticed that you’re always paying way too much for your heating and/or cooling services, yet you’re never comfortable enough in your home? This is a problem that probably stems from your ductwork. If you have poor duct services, you should come to our professionals for duct sealing, duct repair, or even duct replacement services.

Call Rentmeister Total Home Service today to schedule an appointment for the work you need this spring and summer season. We’re your HVAC and plumbing experts.

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