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Does Your Bathroom Plumbing Need Repair?

When you come home after a long day of work, or even after an enjoyable weekend with your family, the last thing you want to deal with is a plumbing problem—especially in your bathroom. However, even well-maintained plumbing systems run into issues. These problems must be resolved quickly in order to avoid larger problems later on. We’ve provided a few indicators below that might signal you need bathroom plumbing repair. Being prepared now may mean avoiding a catastrophe down the road.

Knocking Pipes

Do you hear a knocking sound when taking a shower or running the bathroom sink? This could be caused by something called “water hammer,” which is caused by either pressurization of the pipe after use, loose valves in the pipe system, loose support straps, or high water pressure. You’ll want to call a professional right away as eventually this can cause your plumbing to spring a leak, or cause your pipes to bend.

Low Water Pressure

When you turn on your tap or your shower full blast, you should be met with a steady stream of water. If this isn’t happening, then you have a plumbing problem on your hands. While this may be as simple as a lime scale buildup that needs to be cleaned from your showerhead, don’t put off having it inspected. It could be the sign of a more serious issue, such as clogs in the pipes, a damaged water heater, or a burst pipe.

Continuous Dripping

There’s no question that leaky faucets are annoying. More than that though, constant dripping wastes a lot more water than you may realize, meaning you are paying for water you aren’t using. A consistent drip may the result of the water pressure being too high, or it could be that the water isn’t draining properly. Either way, it’s time to call a professional to take a look.

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