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Don’t Let Uneven Heating Get You Down this Winter

One of the biggest concerns people have about their heating systems is that for whatever reason, they will fail to adequately heat their homes right when they need their system the most. Ideally, this will never be something you’d have to deal with, and investing in routine maintenance will make this occurrence less likely.

One problem many homeowners don’t think about is not necessarily a complete lack of heat, but uneven heating. This is when your heater is providing the correct temperature to your home, but some rooms are cooler than others. There are a few reasons that this might happen, but there’s no reason to let it get you down. Instead, learn the causes and give our professionals a call so we can repair the issue right away.

Vent Problems

The simplest of explanations for a forced air system that is not evenly heating your home is blocked vents. Be sure to first check that they are open in the rooms where the temperature feels lower. Furniture might have inadvertently been moved and is obstructing the vents, or other objects might have been placed in their path.

An Improperly Sized Heater

If your heater is new and you are experiencing this problem, then we unfortunately have some bad news: the heater is probably too small for your living space. If you had a poor installation service where they did not properly calculate the heating and cooling loads, this is a definite possibility. Too small of a heater will never be able to adequately heat your home.

This is also a concern if you’ve recently added on to your home and your ductwork, but have not changed the size of your forced-air heater. An improperly sized heater will either need to be replaced or supplemented to overcome the uneven heating problem.

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