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Don’t Neglect These Heating Repair Signs

Are you in need of heating repairs in your Roy, UT home? What if you’re unsure? You, of course, do not want to be stuck in the dead of winter without a functioning heating system. But if you have no idea that something is amiss with your system, you may feel that this is unavoidable.

That is hardly the case—keeping your heater in good working order typically requires nothing more than keeping it well-maintained. It’s during maintenance that our highly trained professionals take a very close look at your system, conducting any cleaning and adjustments necessary, and scheduling repairs if needed. No heater is invincible though. Even with maintenance, you may run into repair needs. Keep reading to learn how to spot them before they turn into much larger and more expensive emergencies.

Burning Smells

When you first turn on your heater for the season, it’s normal to smell a slight burning odor at first. This is dust that has accumulated in the system over the year that needs to be burnt off. If the smell persists though, then you may be dealing with problems of overheating, or even problems of an electrical nature. This is certainly not a problem to ignore, as doing so can lead to a devastating fire.


Short-cycling is the process of your heating system shutting on and off rapidly. This may seem like a minor issue, but it can turn into a huge problem. If your system has always short-cycled, then unfortunately this means that it was not sized as it should have been during installation—it is too large for your home.

If this is a new development, however, then you may be dealing with a faulty thermostat or thermocouple. While a thermostat issue is minor, a thermocouple problem is more serious, and the process of short-cycling will eventually wear down your heater to the point that it can no longer function efficiently.

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