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Electrical Problems with Your Heater that Need Immediate Attention

Most heaters use some form of electricity, if not to warm your home directly then to provide power for those components that do. Fans on gas furnaces need to be turned, radiant heating systems require power to circulate the fluid in their tubes and so on.  When electrical problems spring up, they can cause a great deal of trouble, and usually need to be addressed right away. Why? Not only will they prevent you heater from functioning, but if left unaddressed they could cause a great deal of additional damage as well. In Salt Lake City, heating repair in the winter is too important to let that happen. Call the professional Salt Lake City heating repair service technicians at Rentmeister Total Home Service if you need assistance.

Here’s a short list of electrical problems with your heater than need immediate attention.

  • Shorts. This can include fan motors that short out, wiring that isn’t tightly connected and general overloads that trip the circuit breaker. Regardless of the cause, the effects are the same: the heater will likely shut down and can’t be turned on again until the faulty wiring or component is replaced. That can be seriously problematic in the midst of our patented Utah winters, which means you need to treat the problem quickly.
  • Constant running. If the heater won’t shut off, no matter how warm it gets, that problem probably lies with faulty relays. You can see why it’s a problem: overheating your home and wasting untold amounts of energy in the process. You can probably stop it by turning off your thermostat (or setting it to auto) or by cutting power to the unit in the worst case. But again, it needs to be dealt with quickly if you want to keep using your heater.
  • No heat. If the heater is running, but no heat is being generated, you might be looking at a problem with the coils. Or the ignition isn’t getting electricity, which means the gas isn’t igniting. Either way, you don’t want to blow cool air when the temperature outside is below freezing.

When addressing electrical problems with your heater that need immediate attention, it pays to speak to the very best heating service you can find. Here in Salt Lake City, heating repair services are provided by Rentmeister Total Home Service. Call us today to get your heater up and running as quickly as possible.

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