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Is a Heat Pump Worth Your Investment?

floor mounted heat pump systemWith summer slowly but surely coming to an end in another month or so, your air conditioner has put in a lot of work. So, what if you noticed it wasn’t quite performing as well as you think it should, or as efficiently as it once did? It’s possible you need a repair, but if you have an aging system and you’ve already had numerous repairs, you may instead be considering a replacement.

What sort of cooling system do you have now? A traditional central air conditioner? If so, you may think your only option for an AC upgrade is to a newer model of the system you have now. There’s nothing wrong with getting another central system, however this is certainly not the only choice you have. Read on!

Enter: The Heat Pump

The heat pump is an AC option that comes with heating capabilities as well. This means not only are you looking at an effective air conditioner, but you can replace your heating system and cooling system all in one go. This is particularly good news if you need a new heater soon!

“But, What If I Don’t Need a New Heating System?”

We get it. Honestly, if your heater is brand new and shows no signs of malfunction or disrepair, then no, a heat pump is probably not the right current choice for your home. After all, heat pump systems do generally cost more than traditional central air conditioners to install.

So, to get the best return on investment you’ll want it to run in both cooling and heating mode. There are a number of options for high-efficiency air conditioning systems beyond the heat pump, that still offer you significant savings. So be sure to ask our technicians for more details!

When the Heat Pump Is a Good Investment

Let’s imagine you’re sold on this idea of having a two-in-one heat pump installed. What are the advantages?

First off, when it comes to its cooling capabilities, the heat pump system is equivalent to any air conditioner of the same size. Heat pumps don’t “lose” any power due to working as a heater (this is a common misconception). In fact, if your heat pump is replacing an aging air conditioner, you’ll likely have cooling even more powerful and less expensive than you were previously paying month-to-month.

In addition, even if you do have a newer heater, if that heater runs on electricity you might be wasting energy. Heat pumps are a more efficient choice than electric furnaces, since they only draw enough electrical power to transfer heat rather than create heat through electrical resistance—making the heat pump as much as 4 times more energy efficient in heating mode than the electric furnace!

Still Not Sure?

Most heat pumps work best in areas with hot summers and mild winters. This is because they can struggle to pull in warm air during below-freezing temperatures. Advancements have been made, however, that allow some heat pumps to operate just as efficiently.

The best thing you can do if you’re still unsure about this investment is to get in contact with one of our pros to find the best fit for your specific home and needs.

For quality Ogden, UT air conditioning service, contact Rentmeister Total Home Service today!

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