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How Does Faulty Ductwork Affect Air Conditioning?

The ductwork of your home is fairly out of view, which means detecting problems may not be easy. But ducts are prone to developing problems that may cost you a lot of money every month in energy bills. In fact, ducts are responsible for up to 30% of energy loss in typical homes with central air conditioning. If the ducts in your home are not properly sealed and insulated, or if they are blocked in any way, your monthly bills may be higher than they should be.

You can catch faulty ductwork early on if you schedule regular maintenance with an air conditioning specialist. During a maintenance visit, a technician cleans and inspects your system so that you can schedule repairs early on.

Here are some of the reasons you may need ductwork repair and how faulty ducts affect your air conditioning system.

  • Poor Insulation: Heat moves naturally from warm areas into cooler areas. Heat from outside of the ducts may enter into the cooler space, causing warm air to enter into your home. If your ducts are poorly insulated, you may not get enough cooling power or you may have spots in the home that are warmer or colder than others.
  • Loose Connections and Leaks: Ducts are assembled together in pieces, so it’s common for connections to become loose or break apart. When this happens, the pieces need to be reconnected, and holes need to be sealed.
  • Blockage: The efficiency and performance of your air conditioner may also be affected if dirt or debris obstructs the ducts and restricts airflow. If this happens, your air quality may suffer, or dust may move to the evaporator coil, reducing your air conditioner’s ability to absorb heat and efficiently cool your home.

Ductwork repair is not a job you should attempt on your own. You may not have the equipment of expertise to locate and repair all of the afflicted areas, and you may cause a lot more damage as well. Instead, call the professionals at Rentmeister Total Home Service for any air conditioning service in Salt Lake City. Pick up the phone today!

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