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How Does Professional Duct Sealing Help Your Air Conditioner Perform?

If you already have a central air conditioner installed in your home, then you likely have a basic understanding of how important it is to have high quality ductwork installed as well. Your air ducts provide a direct path for both your heating and cooling units to distribute air to the various areas of your home. But since they are mostly out of sight, it’s rare that a homeowner thinks much about them, until they have a problem.

Air ducts have no mechanical components, so therefore they shouldn’t have many issues, right? Unfortunately this is a common misconception—most air ducts develop leaks at one point or another. Granted, these leaks may only be coming from small tears here and there, but these small leaks can add up to a much larger problem.

Dealing with a Breach in Your Ductwork

On average, air duct leaks can account for 20%–30% of air loss, which doesn’t allow your cooling system to work as effectively or efficiently as it otherwise could. Your air ducts typically run through your attic or crawlspaces, so you may be unintentionally cooling those areas, which is a huge waste of energy.

Sealing Your Ductwork

Simply put, sealing your ductwork helps your air conditioner perform better. We’ve described how below.

  • Improved Efficiency: Store-bought “duct tape” is not appropriately named and not sufficient for sealing ducts. When your ducts are professionally sealed, your conditioned air will make it into your home without loss. This allows your AC system to work much more efficiently.
  • Better Performance: Breached ductwork allows for temperature discrepancies throughout your home. When this ductwork is repaired, the drafty areas in your home will be eliminated, allowing you to enjoy greater indoor comfort.
  • Increased Lifespan: Without leaky ductwork, your AC system won’t have to work as hard to get its job done, since it won’t be compensating for air loss. This means that you may not need as many repairs as you would have otherwise, and the decreased wear and tear could actually allow it to last longer.

The indoor air quality experts at Rentmeister Total Home Services are standing by to provide you with quality duct sealing services in Layton, UT.

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