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How to Help Cool Off a Two-Story Home

Now that we’ve reached the last days of summer, we’ve also reached some of the highest temperatures you’ll feel all year. We know that you’re feeling the heat out there. If you’re looking for some ways to help cool off your home, you’ve probably already headed online to pick up a few tips. What happens when you live in a two-story home, though?

If you’ve read through a few blogs, then you already know that the majority of them aren’t written with two-story spaces in mind. We’re going to do our part to rectify this today. We’ve got tips for your two-story home air conditioning in Roy, UT. Just keep reading below…

Upgrade Your Thermostat

The first tip that you can try is a simple upgrade. We visit many homes in our area and something that we consistently see is outdated thermostats on the wall. Don’t think we’re just talking about homeowners who have manual thermostats (older, non-digital thermostats). We’re also speaking to those of you out there who have older model digital thermostats.

You should have a smart or W-Fi thermostat now. If you don’t, then you’re not getting the highest-quality service possible from your HVAC system. Smart and Wi-Fi thermostats are perceptive enough to pick up on the needs of your space. The higher level of control can help you cool off a two-story home.

Make Sure All Vents Are Open

The next thing we’d like you to do is walk through your entire home and double-check that all your vents are open. It’s easy to close a few up through the year. There are those days where one person in your home is too chilly while the air conditioning runs. This might cause them to close the direct vent leading into their space.

If this has happened in your home, we encourage you to open everything up. Closing certain vents leads to an uneven flow of air. It’s not good for your comfort, and it’s also bad for energy efficiency. Opening up vents will help get you cooler at home.

Add a Ductless Unit

Ductless units are something you can add to the mix of your current air conditioning system. Let’s say that you have a stubborn second-story bedroom that just refuses to get cool. This is where you can install a ductless mini split. Since ductless systems are installed right into the room, you can get specific control right where you need it and cool off easier.

Know When You Might Need More

Be honest with yourself when you think you might need repair or replacement work.


Sometimes, you’re going to notice that your air conditioner is acting up. If the problem is mild and you’ve had your air conditioner for less than a decade, then the AC is a good candidate for repair work.


If you’ve had your air conditioner for around 10 years and you’re having trouble with it, you should consider replacing your system.

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