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How Often Should I Schedule Maintenance for My Heat Pump?

Your heat pump is an effective air conditioner in warmer weather and can even provide incredibly efficient heating in the winter (up until temperatures outside drop below freezing). You want to take good care of your heat pump is so useful to you throughout the entire year—and because the cost of a sudden replacement would certainly not be ideal.

But without proper maintenance, your heat pump has a chance of failing before its time, running into repair needs throughout the year, or consuming a lot more energy than its efficiency rating would otherwise suggest. This is the reasoning behind technicians pushing for annual professional heating and air conditioning maintenance: equipment can wear down far too quickly without it.

You may begin to wonder: if a heating system and an air conditioning system must both receive maintenance every year, how often should I have a technician come look at my heat pump? Many would tell you that once a year for a heat pump simply is not enough. Heat pumps run in both the winter and the summer, and the excess strain on the system deserves a twice yearly checkup to prevent out-of-control expenses in the future and check up on any supplementary heating devices as well.

What to Expect from a Maintenance Visit

During a maintenance visit, a technician will first perform a thorough inspection, checking for leaks and cracks in the refrigerant line, ensuring the proper function of the reversing valve, and making sure the compressor is not being overworked. If there is anything alarming to report, the technician will then let you know what steps to take next for repairs and discuss all of your options with you.

Then, parts will be thoroughly cleaned and adjusted as needed. This is particularly important for the outside coil, which can become dirty quickly due to its exposure to the elements, leading to reduced heating and cooling capacity. It’s also important for the electrical connections to be tightened and for any loose screws to be put back in place.

Heating maintenance is a valuable service that often leads to better comfort at home, lower bills, and peace of mind. Call Rentmeister Total Home Service for heating maintenance in Salt Lake City today!

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