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How Often Should I Schedule Tankless Water Heater Maintenance?

Tankless water heaters are great systems, but they are not invincible. At some point, your tankless water heater is going to develop issues that will require repairs. You can’t prevent these issues from ever happening, but you absolutely can take steps to ensure that they happen as little as possible. Read on to find out more about how often you should have your tankless water heater professionally checked.

Benefits of Maintenance

No matter how quickly you respond to problems that may crop up with your tankless water heater, you will still be playing catchup if you wait for symptoms to show themselves. By the time a problem has gotten to the point where something is noticeably wrong, it will have already damaged the water heater. Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever call for repairs. It just means that you should do more than wait for problems to occur before taking action.

Preventive maintenance is so beneficial because it allows your technician to find problems before they have the chance to get worse. If we can identify potential issues early on, we can solve them before your system takes damage and you have to spend money on repairs. If you schedule preventive maintenance at least once a year, you will find that your tankless water heater both operates better and lasts longer overall. When you schedule that preventive maintenance is up to you. Just remember that you should have your tankless water heater examined at least once every year. Preventive maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs over the years. Make sure you make use of it.

If you need tankless water heater maintenance, call Rentmeister Total Home Service. We provide comprehensive tankless water heater maintenance services throughout Layton, UT.  

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