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How to Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

During summer, you might try to lower cooling costs by running your system less frequently than you’d like. However, there are other ways to increase the energy efficiency of your AC system without giving up your comfort. This guide contains energy saving tips for your air conditioning system in Salt Lake City this summer.

Cleaning or Replacing Air Filters

When your air filters are dirty, the efficiency of your AC system seriously suffers. Dirty air filters restrict airflow, which means your system has to work excessively to compensate. Replacing your air filters about once a month, or cleaning them if yours are washable, can increase energy efficiency up to 15%. You may need to do this more or less often depending on how often you run the AC.


Heat moves naturally from a warm space to a cooler space. Even though your air conditioner is responsible for releasing the inside heat back outdoors, the building structure may allow heat to flow back into your home too easily. Insulation within the walls, ceilings and floors increases heat resistance by preventing heat from entering your home during summer and preventing it from flowing outside of your home in winter. Insulation may have been installed in your home when it was built or it can be retrofitted by blowing it into the walls through a small hole.

Regular Maintenance

Scheduling regular maintenance on your air conditioning system helps prevent problems in the future. If you schedule maintenance every year at the beginning of the cooling season, you can help prevent sudden breakdowns. A technician will clean system components and let you know of any issues that could be inhibiting your AC’s efficiency.

Schedule Repairs as Soon as Possible

If something is off with your air conditioning system, don’t wait to call a professional for repairs. If your system has to work harder to make up for any damaged AC components, it will use a lot of energy to do so. Fixing problems as soon as possible helps to ensure that your system continues to be efficient.

Contact Rentmeister Total Home Service for energy efficient solutions for your air conditioning system in Salt Lake City.

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