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Is Your Thermostat Still a Good Fit?

studio-shot-of-modern-thermostatWhen you think of an air conditioning upgrade, we can bet that you think of replacing the air conditioner itself, making sure your ductwork is up to the test, and maybe even checking in on your indoor air quality while you’re at it. But do you think of your thermostat?

We find that the thermostat is the unsung hero of a home’s air conditioning system—most people think of it as a glorified switch to turn on their unit, but it’s so much more. If your air conditioner is a symphony, the thermostat is the conductor. If you want to stay cool this summer with little cost or hassle, make sure that you come to us for your HVAC in Layton, UT. We have more than the right models—we have the expertise and know-how too.  

A Few Signs That It’s Time to Go

Is your thermostat ready to go? Here are the signs that you need to upgrade to a new system:

  • You’re never cool enough in summer or warm enough in winter
  • Your thermostat reading is always shockingly inaccurate
  • Your air conditioning or heating system doesn’t seem to respond to the thermostat
  • You’ve had issues with using the physical thermostat itself

Don’t underestimate your thermostat. This is the biggest misstep that we see homeowners take. If you’re struggling to get your thermostat to work for you, it might be time for you to part ways. We’ll make the process as easy as possible.

Your Upgrade Options

We know that to many homeowners an “upgrade” is just them swapping out their old thermostat for a newer, updated version of the same model. While we understand this line of thought, we don’t want you to think this is something we personally encourage at Rentmeister Total Home Services. We want you to take the extra step and upgrade to a smart or Wi-Fi thermostat system.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Wi-Fi thermostats are exactly what they sound like—thermostats that you can command with your Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi thermostats are so great because you can turn them on from anywhere. Let’s say that you’re on your way home and you don’t want to open up your front door and be smacked in the face with a wall of heat. In this instance, you can turn on your air conditioning before you come home and have your home cool before you even arrive at the door.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat takes a Wi-Fi thermostat to the next level. Your smart thermostat has all the capabilities of a Wi-Fi thermostat and takes it a step further to “learn” how you like to heat and cool your home. This thermostat can take note of this and then start to adjust to your home accordingly. It will take note of your preferred temperatures, run times, and more. Schedule an appointment with us and we can suggest the right systems for you.

Come to us when you’re ready to upgrade.

Call us so we can discuss your thermostat today. We’ll provide all the work you need.

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