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Is Your Heater Ready for Winter?

With temperatures still steadily in the high 70s and low 80s, it may seem silly to begin thinking about our heating system already. However, we all know how quickly the weather can turn and temperatures can drop—particularly at night—as we come closer to the cooling season. With the official start of fall just a little over a week away, now is the time to schedule your heating system maintenance appointment.

Having your heating system serviced now, before you need it on a consistent basis, is the best way to ensure that it serves you well throughout the winter season. A tune-up of your heating system will assist your heater in running efficiently and effectively, prolonging the system’s lifespan and reducing the need for repairs. Read on to discover what happens during maintenance to ensure the system is ready for winter.


During your maintenance appointment, our technicians will fully inspect the heating system. At this time we’ll be able to take a close look at the heater, and ensure that everything’s function as it should. At this time, we’ll make recommendations for repair needs, if there are any. Handling these repairs now will mean that you’re less likely to face an emergency in the middle of winter, when you need the heater the most.


We’ll also thoroughly clean your heating system, making sure that no components are obstructed by dust or dirt, which can severely hamper the effectiveness of those components and potentially the entire heating system.


Over the years, your heating system accrues a good amount of wear and tear. As such, certain components of the unit might need adjusting as they become loose or bent. For example, you might have a bent flame sensor, a loose furnace panel, or even a bent heat pump coil.

For quality heating maintenance in Layton, UT, call your heating experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today!

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