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How to Keep Cool While Waiting for AC Repairs

keep-cool-waiting-ac-repairsBeing stuck without a functioning air conditioner in the dead of summer is the absolute worst. Hopefully, you’ve reduced the risk of this happening by scheduling AC maintenance before the cooling season started. But, even with air conditioning maintenance, AC units—particularly aging systems—can still run into problems.

In the most ideal situation, you’ll be able to call our 24/7 number for emergency air conditioning repairs in Roy, UT, and you’ll be able to have the issue resolved in a few short hours. As much as we’d like to make this happen for you and will try our best to do so, sometimes issues are a bit more complex. Ffor example, your system could require a replacement of a part that’s not readily available. Or you may need a refrigerant recharge but have an older system with refrigerant that is being phased out.

In other words, you may very well be stuck without cooling for a day or two at some point during your air conditioner’s lifespan. So assuming you can’t hang out at your neighbor’s house all day, we’ve provided some tips below about what you can do.

Utilize Your Fans!

True, ceiling fans and box fans cannot actually lower the temperature of your home all on their own. But they do create an airflow that can help you feel a little cooler. In fact, when your AC is back up and running, ceiling fans can even help with cooling system efficiency by allowing you to turn up the AC by a few degrees.

Reduce Heat Gain

You may be surprised by how quickly your home heats up when the sun is shining through a window. Be sure to close all your drapes, shades, and blinds, particularly on the south and west-facing sides of your home. It’s also a good idea to use awnings outside your doors and windows—something that also helps with efficiency when your cooling system is back in action.

Limit Other Heat-Producing Activities

This includes running your dishwasher, cooking in your oven or on your stove, or taking a hot shower. If you must do any of these, turn on any ventilating fans you have that are nearby. This will help reduce the humidity in your home so that it will feel a bit cooler.

Plus, unless you absolutely need them, it’s a good idea to keep all incandescent lights off as they generate a lot more heat than you may realize.

Soak Your Feet in Cold Water

It may not be feasible to stay in a cold bath all day, but you can certainly get away with at least soaking your feet. You may be surprised by how much cooler your whole body feels simply by letting your feet rest in a bucket of cold water. Do be careful with this last tip, however: if you have any health problems that could be exacerbated by extreme temperatures then getting the water too cold would, of course, be inadvisable.

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