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Keep Warm Efficiently This Winter with a Heat Pump

Temperatures are slowly dropping, showing that while we aren’t quite in the throes of winter yet, it’s not very far off. In fact, you might already need a heater to get through the chilly nights we’ve had. And hopefully if you already have a heating system, it’s ready to do its job effectively and efficiently. When you live in Utah, it’s vital that you have a reliable heating system in your home!

If you are considering a new heating system installation or replacement this year, you’d do well to thinking about a heat pump. This system has plenty to offer homeowners of all types. Keep reading to learn more about heat pumps and their benefits.

What Makes a Heat Pump Different?

When using a furnace or boiler to heat your home, you’re actively generating heat by either combusting fuel or using electric resistance. Heat pump technology allows you to make use of existing heat from the air outside when heating your home. The heat pump doesn’t generate heat, but rather operates on the principle of heat transfer.

Basically, a heat pump functions similarly to an air conditioning system in reverse when heating your home. Refrigerant is evaporated in the outdoor coil, drawing heat out of the air surrounding it. The warmed refrigerant is then compressed to boost its thermal energy, and that heat is then used to heat air for distribution throughout the house. Only a small amount of electricity is used in the process, and no fossil fuels—resulting in affordable heating.

Additionally, heat pumps are able to reverse their operation by reversing the flow of refrigerant, thanks to a component called the reversing valve. This enables you to keep your home comfortable all year long while using just one system to do so.

To schedule your Ogden, UT heat pump services, contact Rentmeister Total Home Service today!

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