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Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Geothermal System

With the sudden dip in temperatures last week, we’re all well aware that fall is officially here, and reminded of how important our heating systems are going to be very soon. If you have an aging geothermal system, it’s vital that you take notice of your heater.

Geothermal systems are designed to last a very long time, typically longer than other HVAC systems, but they are not immune to the natural wear and tear of time. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of an aging geothermal system that may need replacement.

Heavy Corrosion

No matter what type of heat pump system you have, corrosion is a good sign it needs replacement. Over time, corroded coils restrict the heat exchange just as dirt and ice would. But unlike dirt and ice, it can’t be cleaned away. Corrosion indicates extreme age that is affecting your entire heating system.

If your geothermal system is approaching or has exceeded 20 years of age, corrosion is usually a tell-tale sign that you need replacement. In addition, older geothermal systems typically use an older refrigerant blend, R-22, which needs to be traded out for a system that uses the environmentally friendly R-410A.

Consistent Drop in Heating

You may notice that your geothermal heat pump is no longer providing the level of heating that it once did. This could mean many things, and sometimes the issue can be repaired. However, there might be damage in the underground coils causing a leak in refrigerant. So if you notice a drop in heating, you’ll want to contact one of our technicians right away.

Iced Over Coil

This is another problem caused by a loss of refrigerant. A refrigerant leak causes the coils to frost over, and they are unable to absorb heat as they should. Typically, one of our expert technicians can repair the leak. But when paired with old age, the problem might be irreparable and warrant a system replacement.

To schedule a geothermal heating system installation in Layton, UT, contact the heating experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today!

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