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Odd Noises, Foul Odors, and Low-Quality Heating: What’s Happening to Your Furnace

heating-troubleDo you know the signs that your heating system is on the decline? We find that homeowners often see the problems with their heating system but fail to recognize these problems as related to the quality of their furnace. We’re here to keep you informed about your heating system so that you’ll recognize these signs early on and avoid a big heating breakdown.

If you read the signs below and find that you’re experiencing one of these problems or maybe even a combination of a few, call our team for amazing Ogden furnace repair. We’re the best in the area and we really understand the unique needs of residents across Salt Lake, Weber, and Davis counties because we’re locals too. We’ve worked here for the past 50 years and we take pride in our superior customer service. We grow even more on a daily basis.

Common Signs You Need to Call for Heating Repair

Here’s a few signs you need to call for heating repairs:

Low-Quality Heating: Notice that your heating isn’t enough this winter? If you’re having trouble getting warm and staying warm, make sure you pay close attention to your heater. If you notice that it takes too long to heat your home or that your home can’t stay warm, then you need a professional on your side.

Short Cycling: Your heater should run at regular and even intervals. If you notice that your heater short cycles (your heater starts, runs for a short amount of time, stops, and then starts again), then you’re wasting energy and damaging your heater in the process. Call our team for repair services.

Low Airflow: When your heater turns on you need to be able to feel it. If what you’re feeling is more of a weak trickle of air rather than a strong rush then it’s time to contact our team. Improper air flow means that there’s either a problem with your blower or your venting system.

You Can’t Get Warm: As temperatures get colder, do you turn your thermostat higher? This might seem natural, but this isn’t a good sign. If you can’t get comfortable in your home with your thermostat set to a mild setting then it’s more than likely you’re battling against heater inefficiency. This is hard on your heater and on your heating bill.

Weird Noises: Notice any odd sounds coming from your heater? Common sounds to look out for: banging, rattling, scraping, and squealing. Each sound denotes a different problem with your heating system—anything from a cracked heat exchanger to gaps in your venting could cause the sounds you’re hearing.

Uneven Heating: This is probably one of the most frequent problems that homes have when it comes to heating. Some homes have rooms that are naturally predisposed to running a little hotter or cooler. This is caused by a natural imbalance in your home or it could be caused by other problems like duct leaks or blower issues.

If you need furnace repair this winter, we can provide quick and efficient service. Contact our team at Rentmeister Total Home Service.

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