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Prepare Your Home for Spring with AC Maintenance

Closeup of screws, nuts and spanner isolated on white backgroundYou’ve probably welcomed the recent rise in temperature here in Layton—we’re happy about that too! We’re all going to be soaking up the sun outside in no time! While you’re packing away your winter coats and pulling out your lighter layers, make sure that you make a call to schedule an air conditioning tune-up with our team.

An air conditioning tune-up isn’t one of those “nice to have” things even though a lot of homeowners conceptualize it this way. AC maintenance is vital to the comfort of your home. If you want great AC maintenance in Layton, UT this spring make sure you come to us: the family run business that’s served the area for over 50 years!

Why Your AC Needs a Tune-up

We’re not just going to tell you that your air conditioning needs maintenance and move on without backing up this statement. Many people think that AC maintenance is a nice little added bonus but not something they need to do every year. We like to break it down like this:

Imagine you wanted to visit New York and you decided that you wanted to take a scenic cross-country road trip instead of hopping on a plane. What would be your first step when preparing? It would probably be to swing by an auto shop for a quick check-up on your car. At the very least, you’d get an oil change or a tire rotation. You’d do this because you know driving across the country would put a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle, so you want to make sure it’s prepared with a little maintenance—why not apply this same logic to your air conditioner too?

A lot of people don’t because you don’t necessarily think of summer as a cross country road trip. Trust us though, the baking heat of a southwest summer is definitely your air conditioner’s version of a cross country road trip. Make sure that your system can make it through the heat with a little maintenance!

Worried About the Price?

If homeowners do realize the importance of maintenance, their next point of hesitation might be the cost. Let’s face it, if your air conditioner seems to run just fine you probably don’t want to shell out cash just for a maintenance appointment. Unfortunately, assuming that everything is fine with your air conditioner just because there aren’t any glaring problems on the surface is a fast way to find yourself sweltering in the middle of summer because your AC unexpectedly broke down.

Spending a little money on maintenance can actually help you save money. A fine-tuned system is an efficient system and an efficient system costs much less to run.

If you want to ensure that you’re always keeping your system in shape, then you should enroll in our Ultimate Savings Agreement. The USA Agreement includes: a biannual inspection of your HVAC system, priority scheduling, a 10% discount on all parts, 5-year warranty, and waived after hours fees. Not to mention the increase in the quality of your AC. Contact our team today to learn more.

It’s that time of year! Make sure you prepare your home for spring by contacting Rentmeister Total Home Service today to schedule an appointment for a tune-up.

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