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Prepping for a Cold and Dry Winter

According to local news sources, many parts of Utah are expected to experience a much drier winter than normal this year. Is your home prepared? If you’ve had your heater maintained within the last year, then chances are you think you are prepared, but as important as this service is, it’s not the only factor of home winter preparedness.

One appliance that we highly recommend to our customers is a whole-house humidifier. And it’s not enough to just go buy one on your own. To ensure that your humidifier works as efficiently and effectively as it should, it’s imperative that you have it professionally installed and serviced. Keep reading to learn more about how a humidifier will help you prep for a cold and dry winter.

A Warmer Home

In addition to adding moisture to the air within your house, a humidifier helps warm your home. It doesn’t do this by raising the temperature, but rather the moisture levels in the air make it easier for you and your family to retain heat, so that you do not have to rely so heavily on your heater.

Lower Utility Bills

Since dry air forces you to keep your heater running longer than you would have to otherwise, you end up wasting energy. With an effective humidifier, you can reduce the amount of energy you use, and subsequently the amount of money you spend running your heating system.

Improved Health

When conditions are too dry inside your home, it can affect your health by lowering your immunity to illnesses. This is because sinuses dry up, making it easier for colds and flu viruses to spread quickly from person to person.

Protection for Wood and Painted Surfaces

If there is a severe lack of moisture in your home, then wood can begin to crack and painted surfaces can peel. This can be particularly serious for antique furniture and/or precision musical instruments.

If you’re ready to invest in a Roy, UT humidifier installation, reach out to the indoor air quality experts here at Rentmeister Total Home Service today!

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