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Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

With the weather as nice as it has been in recent weeks, it may seem premature to start thinking about frozen pipes. However, winter is well on its way, and when it hits you don’t want to be stumped by a plumbing emergency brought on by frozen pipes.

Frozen and subsequent burst pipes are one of the most common reasons for emergency plumbing service calls during winter. We are of course happy to perform appropriate repairs as needed, but we also want to help you prevent this problem from happening at all, if possible. But what exactly can you do?

Protect Your Plumbing Outside

As winter gets closer, you won’t have a need for your sprinkler system or outdoor faucets. Leaving these on can and will cause damage to your outdoor plumbing systems. It’s essential to turn off water to those lines and open the outlets in order to drain all of the water out. This will protect your outdoor plumbing until spring.

Don’t Forget Your Indoor Plumbing

Your outdoor plumbing of course needs attention as winter approaches. However your indoor plumbing is at risk for frozen pipes as well. Keep reading to learn more about how to prepare your indoor plumbing for winter.

  • Add plumbing insulation to the trouble spots within your plumbing system. This may include piping that runs through outside walls or through a part of your home that doesn’t get much heat, such as your basement.
  • Seal cracks. Pay attention to the holes in your wall where piping emerges from. These spaces are subject to air leaks, which can make nearby pipes very cold. Fill these spaces with insulation, and then use caulking to properly seal the empty spots around the pipes.

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