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Proper Insulation Can Make or Break Your Heating Efficiency

insulation-and-heating-efficiencyWith temperatures dipping below 20°F even during the warmest part of the day, it’s no wonder that we’re using our heaters on a regular basis. In doing so, it’s only natural that you want to save as much money as possible without sacrificing your comfort. If your heater is working inefficiently, however, then this will not be the case.

Ensuring your Roy, UT heating efficiency starts with scheduling appropriate maintenance. Regular heating tune-ups allow our professionals to fully inspect and clean your heater, while making any necessary adjustments and recommendations for repairs—which you’ll benefit from if you address these repair needs as soon as possible. Maintenance is not the only way to ensure efficiency, however. Proper insulation is vital to your comfort and system effectiveness as well.

Tackle Heat Loss

A heater cannot be efficient if the heat it’s producing and supplying is escaping your home, right? Unfortunately, this is the case for many homeowners. The attic of your home is a huge trouble spot—as heat rises, it escapes through your attic, especially if you don’t have the right insulation installed. Before doing this, however, it’s imperative that you take care of any roof repair needs you have, and rid your roof and your ductwork of any damage that could also be contributing to the loss of conditioned air.

Promote Even Heating

Earlier this month, we talked about a couple causes of uneven heating—vent problems and improper heater sizing. One factor we did not mention, though, was the quality of your insulation. Insulation is only as effective as where it is installed. As mentioned above, it needs to be in your attic.

Insulation should also be in your walls, and if you have cathedral ceilings—there too. It is important to remember, however, that insulation should never butt up against any vents or openings that are designed to allow air to flow from the inside out, and vice-versa. When properly installed by a team of professionals, your insulation will help your heating system work more evenly, distributing warmth throughout your home in such a way as to keep the whole space comfortable.

Get the Right Insulation

Different areas of your home call for different types of insulation. For example, your exterior-facing walls should be densely packed with blow-in insulation, which creates an effective air seal. If your walls are not open—which they won’t be unless you are currently building or remodeling—then this can still be done with a spray foam for minimal disruption to your home.

In order to increase the comfort of your home and your family, and reduce your energy costs this winter, you will want to make sure that your living space is adequately insulated with the right materials in the right areas. We mentioned the attic, cathedral ceilings, and exterior walls—but don’t neglect any other spots that may spell trouble. We’d be happy to help you with more pointers on how to make your heater more efficient!

Whatever your heating or cooling needs are, count on your HVAC experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service. Contact us today for exceptional service!

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