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Reasons to Replace Your Heating System Rather Than Repair

It’s a tricky question, especially when you’re dealing with a breakdown in your heater: do you go ahead with repairs or scrap the system and replace it with a new one? Here in Salt Lake City, heating repair services can do both, which means it falls to the homeowner to make that decision. Everyone’s circumstances are different of course, sand there’s no one single litmus test to determine what to do. In general terms, however, you can look for certain reasons to replace your heating system rather than repair it. They could help you in deciding if your heater has gotten there yet or not.

For starters, you need to examine the costs very closely. If this is the first repair you’ve had to undergo in a while, it likely means that your heater is good for a little longer yet. (The exception would be if this particular repair were very expensive, in which case, you may wish to install a new one).  On the other hand, if this is one of a long line of repairs, then you may be throwing good money after bad.

Similarly, if your heater’s efficiency has gone down over the years, and if you’re spending more on monthly energy bills than you’d like, there’s only so much repairs can do for it. Older furnaces evince a lot of wear and tear, and eventually,  their overall efficiency will drop to the point where you could save more on monthly energy bills than the extra cost of installation can offset.

Indeed, the age of the furnace itself may come into play as well. While a well-maintained heater can last well beyond its expiration date, a system that is more than ten years old and showing some of the problems discussed above is probably due for a quiet retirement.

A good heating service can examine your heater and  help you decide the best course of action. Professional heating repair service in Salt Lake City can be provided by the experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service. We can sort through the reasons to replace your heating system rather than repair it, and move on whatever you decide is best. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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