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Should My Furnace Be Making This Noise?

Your furnace is making a whole lot of noise when you run it lately, and you’re concerned. But what are the next steps? Well, if you hear something a off then it’s always a great idea to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We know different furnace sounds indicate different things. You can trust the professionals on our team to figure out the source of the problem you’re having, pinpoint it fast, and then fix the problem in a flash.

If you want furnace repair in Layton, UT, you can schedule an appointment with our team of professionals. Don’t ignore any of the furnace noises you’re hearing. Make sure you come to us for the work you need.

Furnace Noises to Watch Out For

Keep an eye (or ear or nose) out for the following furnace problems. If you do notice these problems, you can come to the professionals on our team:


You turn on your heater and you hear a dreaded metal on metal noise. You know this isn’t something you should hear from your heater, but you also don’t know what’s wrong. If you hear this sound, the first thing you need to do is turn off the furnace and call up one of our professional technicians to take a look at the system. What you’re hearing might be the sound of a loose part scraping against the side of the furnace.


Squealing is normally a clear indication of a lack of lubricant in your system. We know that this may seem like a problem you can solve on your own, but it’s actually something that needs professional care. Call a professional on our team and have them apply oil where the furnace needs it to alleviate this problem as soon as possible.


Do you hear something that sounds like a gunshot when the furnace starts up? This could mean a build up of unburned gas in the combustion chamber of the furnace. You don’t wan to ignore this loud sound coming from the furnace in your home. A problem like this can quickly lead to a host of other issues including broken heat exchangers and a system breakdown. We can make sure that these problems don’t persist in your home.


The thing about heating is that it is a pretty labor-intensive process. Over time, the repeated process of your heater starting and stopping can result in the metal in your system bending inward or outward and creating a popping sound. A thumping or banging sound can also be the side effect of an undersized duct or clogged filter somewhere in the HVAC system.


A furnace should never hum if it’s functioning correctly. If you hear humming coming from the furnace, then it’s more than likely you have something going on with your electrical connections. It’s nothing that we can’t fix here on our team.

Contact your HVAC and plumbing experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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