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Should you Have a Gas or Electric Furnace Installed?

Temperatures may still be mild in these parts, but with the official start of fall just a few days away, it is now time to start thinking about your heating system and if it’s up to par for the coming winter season. If you know you need a replacement soon, you might be considering a furnace installation. But should you go with a gas-powered system, or would electric be a better choice for you? Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of each.

When Would I Want a Gas-Powered Furnace?

The gas-powered furnace is one of the most common choices for heating in homes throughout the country, and for good reasons. This type of heating system is extremely effective, and today’s models are highly efficient.

Additionally, gas is relatively affordable when you think about your month-to-month energy costs. Gas is also preferred over oil or propane, making a gas-powered furnace a great choice if you choose to use a system powered by fossil fuels rather than electricity.

What about the Benefits of Electric Furnaces?

As many homeowners are well aware, it costs more to run an electric appliance than it does a gas-powered one. There’s no denying that you’ll most likely find yourself spending more on utility bills from month to month with an electric system.

The electric furnace is not without benefit though—gas furnaces are susceptible to heat loss whereas electric furnaces are more consistent. Also, if natural gas is not readily available to your home through the city’s municipal supply, and you don’t want to deal with environmentally unfriendly fuels like oil or propane, then electric is the way to go.

Lastly, even though safety problems are rare, electric furnaces offer more peace of mind that you won’t have to contend with fire risks or the chance of carbon monoxide exposure when you use your heating system.

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