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These Signs Could Mean You Need Repiping

white pvc pipe with blue cloth tied around itDo you remember the last time your house was repiped? If the answer is “No,” you might be living with old and corroded pipes. In that case, you’ll need a plumber to replace the bad pipes entirely.

Corrosion is a force of nature that’s unavoidable for most kinds of pipes. When left unchecked, corrosion can affect everything from your water’s flow to the taste and color. At worst, it can create leaks that will cost thousands of dollars in damage.

Corrosion is most common in the inside of the pipe, where you won’t be able to see it. But even if you can’t see it, there are a few signs that can help you find out if your home needs repiping.

Old Pipes

The age of your home is a big factor when it comes to repiping, and it’s the first thing you should look into. Age is an indicator that your home was piped with materials that are no longer safe for homeowners.

Homes built before the 1970s were most likely piped with metals that are now recognized as hazardous. Examples include galvanized steel, lead, and polybutylene. If you suspect your home is still using these materials in their plumbing, the pipes need to be replaced immediately.

Contaminated Water

Water that has been exposed to rusty or damaged pipes will be a difficult sign to ignore. If you turn on the faucet to discover your water has a strange color, taste, or smell, it’s a strong indication that your pipes are in trouble.

Although some tastes and smells in your water can be harmless, it’s better not to take the risk. Call a plumber in Clinton, UT for a thorough inspection.

Frequent Leaks

Have you called in for leak repairs more than a few times recently? A few leaks in the same area could mean that just a small section of your home needs repiping. However, if the leaks are happening throughout the whole house, it’s likely that your pipes are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Keep in mind that leaks won’t always be apparent. Some of them could be hidden behind the walls, and you won’t realize how serious the problem is until you find a spike in your next water bill. If you call a plumber at the first sign of a problem, you’ll be able to avoid much bigger problems in the long run.

Water Pressure Issues

Few things are as annoying as a shower that only works on a low pressure. If the faucets in your home just aren’t performing like they used to, you may be looking at another sign of corroded or damaged pipes.

As the minerals in the water continue to build up, deposits will form in the pipes. Over time, these deposits will narrow the space in the pipes, and that will severely reduce the water flow. Luckily, these water pressure issues can easily be fixed by replacing the pipes.

Is it time to upgrade your pipes? Contact your HVAC and plumbing experts at Rentmeister Total Home Service today!

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