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Swap Out Your Old Heater for a New Unit

It’s just us two here so let’s be honest. Your heater isn’t doing too well, is it?

We understand that your old heater has always been there. It’s reliable, and it’s long-standing, but it’s not something that you should just let sit in your home forever. Swapping out your home’s old heater isn’t something that you have to dread. You can actually get easy, convenient, and affordable service from our professionals.

Contact us when you’re ready for better heating in West Jordan, UT. We’re here to make the process of switching easy even if it’s in the middle of winter.

Is It Time for a New Heater?

Here are a few signs that it’s time for you to get a new heater for your home:

You’ve Had Your Heater for Over 10 Years

We touched on this in the intro—your heater has been there through everything. That doesn’t mean it has to stay with you forever though.

After about a decade, your heater just isn’t going to run as well as the day you first got it. If you’re noticing that you’re struggling with your heater more than ever before, it’s a great idea to figure out exactly when you bought it. A heater nearing 10 years in age, at 10 years of age, or even a little past 10 years of age needs to go. We’re happy to assist you in this.

You’re Constantly Repairing

You know that fall and winter on the way means that you’re going to have repair needs. If you’re constantly repairing your home’s heater, then you need to think about upgrading to a new heater. You shouldn’t have to repair your heater too often. If you’re repairing your heater more than once every few years, you’re putting your home comfort in danger. Repairs like this are only going to increase in frequency and severity.

You Have Trouble Getting Warm

Do you have trouble getting your home warm or keeping it warm? This isn’t a sign of a healthy heater. In fact, it’s a sign that your heater is really struggling. You shouldn’t struggle to get warm as long as you have a heater in your home. If you’ve gone through with maintenance and even splurged for repair too, then it’s time for you to step things up and consider replacement for your needs.

You’re Paying Way Too Much

How much are you paying your home heating services? If you’re paying far too much but nothing has changed about how you’re running your heater, then it means that you’re only paying for inefficiency. In simple terms, you’re paying for your heater to work much harder but not actually provide you with more heating. We’re here to help with this.

There’s Too Much Noise

Are you noticing that there’s way too much noise coming from your home’s heater? Any noise that you hear that’s loud, new, or ongoing is a problem. We can find the source of it and fix the issue for you.

Contact Rentmeister Total Home Service to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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