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Determining How Much Your New Air Conditioner Will Cost

Monday, April 10th, 2017

how-much-air-conditioner-costAs spring progresses, our temperatures are staying fairly cool. In fact, now is usually the most enjoyable time of year in our area, as far as our weather is concerned. But soon enough, it will be hot again, and temperatures will necessitate the use of a fully functional and efficient air conditioner.

When this time comes, you’ll want to make sure that you are as prepared as you can be. So, if you’ve recently discovered that your air conditioner is perhaps about ready to call it quits, now is the time to consider an Ogden, UT air conditioning installation. But what will it cost you?

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Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Is It Time to Replace Your Air ConditionerSure, our cooling season is still a couple months away, but does that mean it’s too soon to start thinking about your cooling system? Certainly not, especially if you’re considering a Syracuse, UT AC replacement this year.

Now is the perfect time to explore your options and to schedule your installation appointment before the weather starts warming up to the point that you need your air conditioner on a regular basis. But what if you’re unsure whether or not you actually need a replacement—could you get by on another repair?

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Save on Utilities by Upgrading to an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner!

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Many homeowners don’t realize just how important efficiency rating is to an appropriately functioning air conditioning system. They tend to avoid purchasing high-efficiency products and appliances due to their upfront costs, and don’t consider what they’ll be saving month-to-month.

Before you can truly understand the important of energy efficiency, however, you need to know how an air conditioner’s efficiency is represented. Most AC systems come with what is called a SEER rating. SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and the higher this number is, the more energy efficient model the system is.

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