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Signs That You Need a New Air Conditioner

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Spring is here, and summer will soon arrive. You are very likely already using your air conditioner on a pretty regular basis to keep your home cool as the days start to warm up. Once summer gets into full swing, however, the stress on your air conditioner is going to dramatically increase. When that happens, it’s possible that your system will die on you in the middle of the hottest months of the year. If you’re not sure whether or not your air conditioner will be able to last through one more summer, read on. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can tell whether you need a new AC.

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3 Signs That It’s Time for a New Air Conditioner

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Spring is the time to make sure that your air conditioner is up to the task of keeping you cool for another upcoming summer season. Unfortunately, some of us have air conditioners that are not up to that task. No matter how well you take care of your air conditioner, there will come a time when you need to replace it. When that time comes, you’ll want to recognize it as soon as possible so that you can act on it. Otherwise, you might find yourself without an air conditioner on a hot day. Have a look at these 3 signs that it’s time for a new air conditioner.

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The Differences Between a Heat Pump and a Central AC

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Homeowners have a number of choices when it comes to choosing an air conditioner. Two of these choices are central air conditioners and heat pumps. While they may sound very different, the truth is that their operation isn’t all that dissimilar, with the exception of a few key details. Rentmeister Total Home Service specializes in the installation and repair of a number of air conditioners, and we can help you with all of your air conditioning needs.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

The best way to illustrate the differences between the two systems is to describe how each works, so we’ll start with how a heat pump works.

Put simply, a heat pump transfers heat from one place to another. It does this with a reversible refrigerant cycle, allowing for year round comfort with just one system. During the summer, it pulls the heat from your home and sends it outside; in the winter, it absorbs heat and blows it inside. Like an air conditioner, heat pumps facilitate this transfer with the use of refrigerant.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

An air conditioner uses the same basic principle, but in a different way, known as a regular vapor compression cycle. Using refrigerant, air conditioners remove both heat and humidity from your home, and return cool, conditioned air to your home. Air conditioners cannot reverse the cycle as heat pumps can, which is one of the main differences between the two systems.

Differences between the Systems

As mentioned above, one of the main differences between the two systems is that heat pumps can offer both heating and cooling. Here are a couple of other differences between the two:

  • Heat pumps have a longer life span – the average heat pump has a lifespan of about 15 years versus the life of an air conditioner, which ranges from 10-12 years.
  • Heat pumps use less electricity – heat pumps use significantly less electricity to run, making them more energy efficient.
  • Heat pumps are more expensive to install – heat pumps are typically more expensive to install than a standard central air conditioning system.
  • Heat pumps may require more repairs – because heat pumps run all year round, rather than just the summer months, it is more likely you’ll spend more money on repairs from natural wear-and-tear.

There are many factors to weigh whenever you choose an air conditioning system for your home, which is why it’s important to work with a trained professional. Call Rentmeister Total Home Service today and schedule air conditioning service in Ogden, UT with one of our cooling experts.

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Consider Upgrades with Your Air Conditioning Installation

Friday, July 18th, 2014

Installing a new air conditioner for your home doesn’t have to be the “same old, same old.” Your replacement AC will almost certainly have greater efficiency than your previous system because of the many advances in home comfort technology, but you don’t have to settle for having everything else about it be just the same. Scheduling a few standard upgrades as part of installation will give you a cooling system that rises far above your old one in comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

At Rentmeister Total Home Service, we don’t just handle air conditioning installation in Salt Lake City. We also offer numerous upgrades to help take cooling and comfort to the next level. Call us today and speak to our experienced installers to learn more about your upgrade options for your next installation.

Here are a Few Popular Upgrade Options to Consider for Your AC

Zone Control Systems

Installing zone control allows you to manipulate the temperature of different areas of your house independent of each other. You no longer have to cool down the entire house each time the AC comes on. This permits you to create more even temperatures throughout a home, adjust cooling to fit the needs of particular rooms and people, and save money on cooling by shutting down cooling to rooms that are not in use, such as guest bedrooms.

Cutting Edge Thermostats

Don’t settle for the same manual thermostat or out-of-date digital thermostat that you’ve been using for years. Have the thermostat replaced along with the air conditioner, and put in a digital programmable model with extra features that will help you with its precision controls and energy-saving settings. There are also wireless models available that permit freer thermostat placement and can come equipped with remote control.


Low humidity is often a serious problem in Salt Lake City during the summer, and because air conditioners remove extra moisture from the air they can contribute to making the air inside your home uncomfortably dry. Low humidity indoors can cause health problems and damage furnishings. But professional installers can equip your new air conditioning system with a whole-house humidifier that will balance out the humidity in your home to the ideal level, something that smaller portable humidifiers cannot achieve.

There are many other options available to you to upgrade your new air conditioning system, including air filters and air purifiers that can deal with numerous indoor air quality issues your home might encounter. If you hire quality professionals for your air conditioning installation in Salt Lake City, UT, you will learn all about the many possibilities for expanding your comfort and savings.

For reliable AC installation (and numerous other home comfort services), call on the staff at Rentmeister Total Home Service today.

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What Are Some Signs That I Need To Upgrade My Air Conditioner?

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Your air conditioner has done a good job of keeping you cool over the years, but can you get more out of your AC system? An HVAC technician can install upgrades to your air conditioner that allow you to manage your energy bills and your comfort more efficiently.

We’ve detailed some of the signs indicating that you may be ready for an air conditioner upgrade. For upgrades, replacement and more, contact Rentmeister Total Home Service for air conditioning installation in Salt Lake City.

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills suffer every month from your family’s AC use, this may be a sign that it’s time for an upgrade. A zone control system is an innovative way to lower energy bills. It seems wasteful to adjust the temperature to the same degree throughout the house if you and your family are sleeping soundly upstairs. With a zone control system, you can turn off or adjust the air in rooms you’re not using, thus lowering the cost of cooling your home.

Different People, Different Needs

Sometimes, the members of your household have different temperature needs. A zone control system not only helps with high energy bills, but can also help family members feel more comfortable as they adjust the temperature in their rooms to whatever setting they prefer. If your family members would benefit from custom temperature settings, it may be time for an upgrade.

Inaccurate Thermostat Readings

Do you feel like your thermostat reading is not always accurate or is hard to read? If you’re still relying on a manual thermostat, you may have an inaccurate temperature gauge that keeps your home cooler or warmer than you want, causing discomfort and possibly forcing you to use too much energy. Upgrading to a digital thermostat will give you an accurate, clear reading you can count on. You can also program it to come on at certain hours for increased reliability and ease.

Whether you’re considering a zone control system installation or a new programmable digital thermostat, Rentmeister Total Home Service can take care of all of your needs for air conditioning installation in Salt Lake City.

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