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Take Care of That Heating Problem

Last winter you had a heating problem that lasted all season long. Winter came and went, and you welcomed the warm weather of spring into your life. You figured you could just push off your heating problems until next year—and then you blinked, and it was next year. Now it’s fall, we’re gearing up for everything warm and cozy, and you have that heating problem looming over your shoulder.

That’s when you need to call us for heating repair in Layton, UT. You can call us for exactly what you need. It’s our job to get in your home, get out of your home, and get the work you need done in the shortest amount of time possible. We’ll make sure you’re ready for winter.

Call Us When…

You should call our professionals when you notice any of the following problems. We’re here to help you when you’re experiencing any of the following:

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Is your thermostat reading always inaccurate? You might have those days where you walk over to your thermostat because you’re expecting your heater to be on, and you notice that the thermostat reading is way off. That’s why your home isn’t heating the way you need it to. This means that you’re having trouble with your heating. You need to come to our professionals for the work.

Low Airflow

If the steady stream that normally flows out of your vents has been reduced to a slight trickle, then you’re dealing with low airflow. This is a problem that can occur for a few different reasons. If you’re trying to find the source of the problem, you can come to our team of professionals for the solution. We’re here to help.

Poor Air Quality

Do you have poor indoor air quality in your home? Maybe you’re noticing that you’re coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and sniffling more often than you normally would within the confines of your own space. We know this isn’t ideal. Your heater could be the culprit behind this. Come to us for exactly what you need.

Cool Air

Have you noticed that you’re running your heater all day long to get warm? This might be a problem that stems from the cool air in your home. We’re going to be sure to help you get the work necessary to fix this.

High Energy Bills

Are your energy bills spiking for no apparent reason? You haven’t changed anything about how you run your home, nor have you been heating all day and night … so what in the world is going on? Well, what’s happening is you’re paying for your heater to run inefficiently. You can come to us to work out the kinks and get exactly what you need.

Odd Noises

Are you noticing some odd noises like banging, rattling, scraping, or squealing? This means that your home’s heater is crying out for help. Each noise denotes a unique problem. For example, a problem like banging probably means that you have a loose part while a noise like scraping might mean that you have a metal on metal situation going on.

Contact Rentmeister Total Home Service today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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